A short film written for Maltese NGO CoupleCards  

A patient experimenting with virtual reality therapy gets lost between what's real, what's not real and what's in her headset.

Director:  Clint Galea
Writer:     Clint Galea
Director of Photography:  Karl Shaharudin

Producer: Christine Tong
Stars: Laura Bonnici,  Heiko Joerges,  Alison Sammut


Organization of the shooting process
Location scouting
Actors and extras casting support
Development of ideas
Script writing
Attracting investment
Editing, 3D visualisation, Special effects
Producer’s support
Legal Support
Equipment Rental & Provision

Catering & Other Services. 

Photography Services

Marketing & Business Consultancy

Graphical Design

Music & Sound


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Film Production, Media Services (...and more)

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Joker Blue started as a label under which to produce personal films. However, with help from partners and collaborators it has grown into an opportunity for other filmmakers, businesses and organisations who need help producing any film or media services or who are looking for a Maltese co-producer to help them with their productions and help them benefit from the diversity and versatility of Maltese locations and the advantageous financial services environment through co-production enabling the possibility of lucrative incentives both for the production and the distribution of audiovisual projects.  

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